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Minding My Fortune  is an empowerment change-agent that provides an array of transformative services designed to spark the desire to live life with awareness that like a corporate business, our lives have departments that require special attention, monitoring and supervision. 

We provide life-coaching, empowerment training classes, work-shops and staff development training.  Classes are interactive and are held in small groups of 6 - 12 participants.  Our goal is to provide accountability, support and practical guidelines that will empower you to maximize your potentialities. 


CISLYN BROWN is a Life Coach, published author and a powerful worship leader who holds a master's degree.  She has served as an executive leader for more than fifteen years within the field of human services. Her divine mandate is to serve as a destiny doula who supports individuals in the birthing of their dreams and empower them to maximize their potentialities.

CISLYN BROWN prides herself in going above and beyond to get the job done.  she is passionate in every area of service provision and believes in quality without negotiation.  

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