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Do you procrastinate often? 

Do you struggle with achieving your goals?

Do you frequently  compare yourself to others?

Do you have a burning desire to do more?

Do you question your self-worth?

Do you feel as if you are stuck at a crossroad?

Do you struggle with making the right decisions for your life?

Do you become overwhelmed easily?

Do you make the same mistakes repeatedly?

Do you have the desire to become an entrepreneur but feel afraid?


Become the best version of yourself

Shift your mindset

Develop long-term and short-term goals and action-plan to achieve them

Help bring clarity to everyday life situations

Strengthen your self-love

Overcome obstacles that are holding you back

Manifest your life goals

Contact Us

We currently provide in-person services in Maryland and Oregon.  We can bring our services to you or you can come to us.  Most services are also available telephonically or via zoom

Minding My Fortune, LLC

(301) 537-4764

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