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This transformation program designed to support you in the birthing of your God given dreams.  For ten (10) weeks we will engage in weekly one-to-one sessions that will empower you to uncover a deeper understanding of your inner beliefs and how they influence and shape your behaviors.  In this program you will be guided in creating long-term objectives, attainable short-term goals with practical target dates and action-plan.   We will help with prioritizing your well-being and celebrates all aspects of your life by  offering support, encouragement and accountability.


All classes are held in small groups of 6 -12 participants.   We can bring our classes to you or you can come to us either in person or via zoom.  Classes are interactive and cost efficient.  This package includes 6 weeks of  intensive classroom setting  and additional three 1:1 sessions


This staff development training will empower your employees so that they will become motivated to show up and show out and work beyond the mundane rituals that are performed with their hands. This training will stimulate their desire to perform at their optimal level as they provide services where quality is not an option. Thus, enhancing a greater working relationship with peers, supervisors and the those you have committed to serve.

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